Dubai’s Top 10 Best Food Delivery Applications for 2024

Dubai’s Top 10 Best Food Delivery Applications for 2024

According to the latest data analysis, about 60% of the UAE population uses food delivery apps. It is predicted that this estimate will reach almost 14.2% by 2028. In this dynamic era, everyone is busy in their lives, working, studying, and looking after their house and families. It isn’t easy to manage cooking desired food with long procedures.

Food Delivery apps make it easier by enabling the latest feature of online food ordering through which the sizzling hot and freshly cooked food reaches your doorstep in measurable time. Among all these food delivery apps, the following apps were short-listed on the basis of order volume data.

The top food delivery apps in Dubai are listed below:

1. Eat Easy: (Healthy Diet option)

Eat Easy

Eat Easy is one of the first healthiest food delivery platforms. It offers food from more than 9000+ restaurants, providing a variety of halal, traditional, and local food.

Many people are not able to follow their diet plans as they are busy with their other work and quarries. Eat Easy allows a smooth and periodized healthy meal plan, which enables everyone to follow their diet and remain healthy during tiring hours of the day.


  • They provide the customer with healthy food options. 
  • It offers customized services. 
  • It also schedules proper diet plans according to the customer’s requirements.


  • Prices are a bit high to afford.
  • Late delivery of food.
  • Bad Application experience.

2. Zomato: (Intuitive User Interface)


Zomato is widely famous in the UAE and India. It is called out for its services and customer friendly staff and app features. Zomato has everything possible in its cuisine.

The Zomato company operates in almost 24 countries and is present in over 10,000 cities. Zomato, today, is the top food delivery app due to its innovations, strategies and order volume.


  • Zomato has some competitive pricing
  • It also has a time-tracking feature, which helps the user track their food.
  • It is sustainable and reliable. Besides that, the rider can be contacted via the app.


  • Customer service is not good.
  • Some riders behave very rudely.

3. Noon Food: (Morning Service)

Noon Food

The noon food delivery app is named because it delivers food between 5 – 9 am, known as “Good Morning Mode.” They are crystal clear with their amount structure, as there are no hidden charges. This food delivery application is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.


  • Noon Food is also well-known for its competitive pricing and quality service.
  • Customers can schedule their food deliveries according to the time they want.
  • It only allows the customer to contact riders through text message via the application.


  • They deal irresponsibly with their customer’s orders..
  • Their order tracking services are very bad.

4. Careem (Uber): (Mobility of Money)

Careem (Uber)

Careem is famous for its ride-hailing app. As it started, it gained around 50 Million users blazing fast. It is also well-known as it not only delivers food but also groceries and other essentials that can be bought through Careem.


  • Careem allows its customers to search for their food by searching for ingredients.
  • It is an affordable platform with minimum delivery charges and maximum deals and discounts.
  • It provides remarkable customer service with quality time management.


  • Their staff are very uncooperative.
  • Riders don’t contact the customers.

5. Deliveroo: (plethora of choices)


Deliveroo is a British application. Its services are spread in more than 200 cities as they have quick and efficient food delivery service with accurate time management.


  • They offer food of high quality and reasonable prices.
  • They deliver various sorts of cuisines and authentic tastes.
  • Deliveroo is user-friendly as its features are not that advanced and confusing. 


  • Their food delivery service is not that impressive.
  • Deliveroo’s riders are not cooperative.
  • They mostly deliver wrong food items or missing items.

6. Hunger Station: (Biggest Online Mart)

Hunger Station is the largest food delivery app. It provides services in more than 72 countries and 70+ cities. More than 65% of the market is covered by Hunger station. It is available in Dubai, Arabia, Bahrain, etc. More than 10 Million users download it.


  • Hunger Station provides other necessities such as pharmaceuticals, grocery items, etc.
  • They offer cash-on-delivery options.
  • Hunger Station does not have any hidden charges.


  • Their riders don’t behave well with customers. They don’t even respond.
  • The food is not completely cooked.

7. Talabat: (Foster Transparency)

Talabat is one of the well-known delivery apps in Dubai. They have maintained millions of downloads. Talabat has hired more than 1200 employees to make sure the best services are shown.

It has covered more than 10,000 restaurants with a wide range of cuisines whether it is Arabian, Italian, or Pakistani. You will surely be impressed with their dealings and management. 

Talabat, being reliable and pocket-friendly, has many new features, such as you can track your order and can view the time to reach your doorstep; other than that, you can also decide whether you want to pay online or cash on delivery.


  • They offer remarkable customer service.
  • Talabat also allows tracking of previous food orders.
  • With these overwhelming services and features, they create a new customer.


  • They sometimes deliver the wrong food.
  • The quality of the food is not that good.

8. Jahez: (Innovative Service)

Jahez food delivery app 2016 has been available in Dubai as well as in other regions of the UAE. It rapidly grew to about 3 Million users.

Jahez app has crossed more than 37 Million orders and a huge turn over of about 69 Million. It is a huge platform where millions of people are engaged, and a good enough % of regular customers is increasing.


  • The food delivery is quick and efficient. They deliver piping hot food with all fresh and organic ingredients. 
  •  They are prominent for delivering fresh and healthy food.  
  • They are very cooperative with their customers.


  •  Application crashes and doesn’t work properly.
  • No automatic location update.
  • Payment procedure is very slow.

9. Munch on: (Lunch Provider)

Munch on is called out for its lunch time service in Dubai. It is famous among office people as they routinely reach out to Munch on food delivery apps to order their food during lunch hours.


  • It is known for its affordable prices and discounts, especially for regular users. 
  • It also allows users with the ability to schedule their food delivery according to them.
  • It is separately identified as it has unique features that make the app user-friendly.

10. Carriage: (user-friendly service)

Carriage is the leading food delivery app in the Middle East. It has covered more than 200 restaurants. It promises to give the fastest service among other food delivery apps in Dubai.


  • Carriage offers a great discount after a certain order and also free delivery after a certain amount. 
  • Carriage is a convenient app for online payment. 
  • They provide their customers with the best services and user-friendly features.


  • Carriage delivery charges may cost you high.


In this ever evolving era, the food delivery market is establishing very rapidly. People prefer placing online orders rather than cooking at home. Comparing food delivery apps allows users to consider the one app that is fulfilling all their requirements. 

In 2012, the first food delivery app was started and now there are numerous food delivery applications available. Around 15,000 riders are engaged with food applications. If you are looking forward to a convenient food delivery app with a lot of perks and advantages, consider the above-listed delivery apps.

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