Restaurant business startup in Dubai: Strategy and exclusive guide

Restaurant business startup in Dubai

Food is the need of every miniature living organism on this planet. Wondering to open a food franchise startup in DUBAI is surely the best business startup strategy with a measurable profit margin and long scale cycle. 

According to the latest statistics, 55% of UAE ranks DUBAI with the top dining experience which has increased from 1.8% dining to about 2.9% per week.

This shows that starting up a restaurant business is highly profitable and is a perfect fit for today’s foodie generation. 

DUBAI, being the most populated, has also become the world’s most diversified food market ever. Because of its luxuries and diverse food market, DUBAI has also become a global tourist destination in the past few years. Considering all these, DUBAI is one of the fastest developing cities in the Middle East.

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Goal-Oriented Approach

Goal-Oriented Approach

Restaurant Business Startup is not a piece of cake. It does require a lot of effort. This blog will help you out and allow you to have a sequence of goal-setting and solutions to your problem. We have covered every step in this blog, from market research to the restaurant’s promotion. 

1)  Navigate market

Navigating a perfect market for your business startup is crucial. It helps in identifying the difference between the levels of markets and their customers. If you are wondering about starting a restaurant for an elite class, then your research of the restaurant and their places should be according to that.

This first strategic step will help you a lot. Getting some knowledge about different restaurants will help you in changing your point of view and considering the easy and convenient way to implement. You’ll also know the marketing strategy and will start your work according to your best of all considerations.

2)  Cost consideration

After proper market navigation, you’ll easily be able to consider the costs and expenses of numerous restaurants. And will know the pricing outline of your restaurant.

Determining the cost and expenses of the total bill can be less by recognizing the importance of b2b marketing, as b2b marketing refers to a deal between two business industries. 

Let’s consider that the main menu of your restaurant revolves around rice dishes. To buy rice at a price, you are supposed to sign deals with the rice-selling industry. This will allow spending less money on the required quantity.

3)  Legal formalities

Fulfilling legal formalities before starting your restaurant is considered very pivotal, especially in DUBAI. It allows your company to showcase the business openly, without any restrictions and fear of shutdowns.

Considering this strategy helps your customers to build loyalty and trust in your work and show authorization of your company. 

4)  Location Research

Researching location refers to searching for a place from where you want your customers to reach you. 

Let’s take the example of Dubai Mall; what do you think the class of your customer would be? The majority of your customers are of the upper and middle class as they are the ones that can afford shopping as well as eating.

Other DUBAI locations that are suitable for a restaurant startup business are;

  • Emirates Hills
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • The Mall of Emirates 
  • DUBAI Marina, etc.

5)  Unique selling proposition (USP)

USP, unique selling point, or unique selling proposition, is the one that has the potential to make your work unique and separate from others, including your menu, ambiance, environment, customer-friendly services, etc.

Implement strategies that are unique and are liked by people. Create your environment family-friendly, assign an area for kids so that the family feels at ease, and provide your customers with the best and fastest services.

6)  Menu development

Select the food item that people prefer and love to eat a lot. Consider those foods which people of all ages like to eat. There should not be any restrictions for kids and old age people.

Madrouba with Chicken is the biggest example, as people from DUBAI, OMAN, and BAHRAIN are fans of this dish. People around DUBAI visit Madrouba, offering restaurants.

Considering dishes like this will help your restaurant’s fast growth with large visibility and audience recognition.

7)  Restaurant layout

After considering the upper mentioned strategies, go for deciding and finalizing the fascinating restaurant’s layout according to your customers and your offering menu. Thoughtfully utilize the free space in your restaurant.

Make sure your layout and ambiance go with your menu, as the ambiance has a great impact on customer satisfaction and allows them to get lost in your theme and allows you to show service. In contrast, your customers are busy expressing their thoughts. 

8)  Team building

After selecting the menu, the second of all things is building a trustworthy, qualified and professional team. A good and valuable team is the reason that allows customers to visit the restaurant again. 

Assigning a proper team makes sure to fulfill all your customer’s requirements and make them satisfied. It also helps with the smooth working of your restaurants without any disturbance or misunderstandings.

The main members of the team would be professional chefs, an honest manager, and customer-friendly waiters.  

9)  Technology operation

In today’s era, nothing is complete without adding the touch of the latest technology. Many restaurants are providing customer service through robots. This technology has once again taken an amazing step.

Well, we are not asking you to keep robots in your restaurant, but when talking about technology, a wide part is being covered. Like running a proper and smooth billing process, machines to increase service speed, order pushing, automated cooking equipment, inventory and stock management, and whatnot.

10)  Promotion and marketing strategy

Innovative promoting and marketing strategy includes digital marketing for small businesses on various digital marketing platforms, which will help in measurable growth and is considered a long-term strategic approach. 

Digital marketing helps with increasing engagement with people worldwide. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and generates more leads in less time.

Other than that, provide your customers with exclusive offers and discounts through which people will surely want to visit your restaurant to avail those budget-friendly offers and will also recommend others to visit too.


In this ever-evolving era, DUBAI’s restaurant chain is establishing very fast. DUBAI has become a proper tourist spot. People from all over the world come to DUBAI because of its luxuries and unique food chain.

Keeping in mind the high competition of DUBAI restaurants, your market research and other essential protocols should be well-defined for the success and growth of your restaurant. If you are also looking forward to a restaurant startup business, you will get a lot of help from our blog. Other than that, we guide you with our brand consultants by providing strategic plans.

Shoaib Mughal

Shoaib Mughal

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