Discover the Unique and most Prominent Types of Brochures Folds

Types of Brochures Folds

Brochures are one of the most reliable and cost-efficient ways of marketing media in today’s world. A Brochure is a piece of paper that is folded and used for promotion or publication of something or someone.

Brochures are of various types. New types of Brochure are still being discovered. But most of the people are hanging around the same old bi-fold and tri-fold brochures. In this blog, you will get to know more about Brochures, their type, and purpose.

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Types of Brochures Folds according to Size and Shape

Brochures Folds Size and Shape

Let’s explore multiple types of brochures and learn more about their usage and purposes. A few of the various types are mentioned below

 1) Bifold (Half-fold) Brochure

Single-fold Brochures are also well-known as Bi-fold Brochures or Half-fold Brochures. This type of Brochure consists of a single sheet with 4 pages folded into 2 panels. It is a very simple and popular type of Brochure.

The bi-fold Brochure contains limited pages. It is commonly used to print bulletins and informative articles.

 2) Trifold (Letter fold) Brochure

The tri-fold Brochure is as popular as the bi-fold Brochure. A Tri-fold Brochure consists of 6 pages, folded into 3 panels. This type of Brochure is very eye-catching and allows enough material to fit in.

Look, vice, the tri-fold Brochure seems very tempting. It is normalized in creating a restaurant’s menu and price listing.

 3) Gate-fold Brochure

The look of the gatefold Brochure certainly resembles the tri-fold and bi-fold Brochures. This Brochure consists of 6 pages with unequal folds.

This type of Brochure works well for adding heavy designs and also for showcasing large images. Long presentations also look attractive in the gatefold Brochure.

4) Z fold Brochure

A Z fold Brochure is one of the very common and classic types of brochure. It consists of a single sheet with 6 pages folded into 3 panels.  

All three 3 panels are lapped over one another, forming a Z shape, hence, known as Z fold brochure. This type of brochure contains a very classy look which increases its attraction. 

5) French fold Brochure

The French fold brochure is also known as the Quarter fold Brochure. It is an old and different type of Brochure. This type is folded vertically as well as horizontally.

It is the best alternative to the traditional flyers. These brochures are normally used for advertisements and newsletters. It allows a large space to cover maximum graphics. 

6) Roll fold Brochure

Roll fold brochure is also known as Barrel fold brochure. This type of brochure consists of numerous parallel folds with multiple panels. Each page folds itself inward, creating a parallel look.

In each fold, the size of the panel is reduced. Also Roll fold brochures consist of less folding space but a large material adjusting area.

7) Accordion fold Brochure

Accordion fold Brochure consists of 8 – 10 pages and can be folded into 4 or 5 panels. This Accordion fold Brochure is similar to the Z fold Brochure.

The accordion fold brochure is basically overlapped into a ZigZag manner. This type of Brochure contains enough space to easily put required text and images without being congested. 

Types of Brochures on the Basis of Purpose

Brochures Folds Purpose

Brochures are also simplified according to their usage. This helps in spreading an effective message to your audience. A few of them are explained here

1) Informational Brochure

Informational Brochure refers to a brochure that consists of information articles. These informative articles may be about educational or health issues or might be of some welfare organization.

Informational Brochures are very reliable. It can be distributed in schools and colleges and also on roadsides. It is readable and can be carried anywhere.

2) Promotional Brochure

Promotional Brochures are used for promotion and publicity point of view. The promotion might be of any brand or company, or it can also be of some newly opened place of any restaurant.

These promotional brochures are easy to distribute. By reading and looking at the brochure, people never forget the visual, and somehow, they interact with the owner of that brochure.

3) Social Awareness Brochure

Social Awareness Brochure refers to spreading information about some social topic. These brochures consist of social, economic, political, and environmental awareness articles and are very helpful for everyone.

These brochures are very well-grounded and can easily be readable. These are very helpful, especially for those people who don’t have enough time to watch the news. The brochure provides these people with the important headlines.

4) Business Brochures

Business Brochures are printed to provide information related to business. This might include business meetups, launches, events, etc. It also helps in increasing company visibility and relaying positive and authoritative.

Business Brochures help in knowing the business markets, their ups and downs, their ongoing work and many more.

5) Event Brochures

Event Brochure allows knowing upcoming sports events, camps, concerts, and meetups. Looking at these brochures, interested people contact you and get to know more related to your organized event.

This strategy helps in allowing more audience engagement in your tradeshow or event. A business Brochure is the most efficient way to promote events and allow more audience to reach.


Brochures are  considered one of the most convenient and reliable ways of marketing as it is easily readable and deliverable. Brochures are easy to distribute, are cost-effective and help to build credibility. They hold a lot of information that helps in building trust.

As there are multiple types of Brochures, on the basis of your objective and intention, select the right type of brochure and allow the reaching of an effective message to your audience. 

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